14 December 2010

Reasons why i love my man...

  • He got that comfortable place on his shoulder that's perfect for snuggling into while im asleep
  • He cuddles me even if he's tired
  • He give great hugs, and always melt my heart when he says "i love you"
  • He is an excellent driver
  • He loves my family
  • He let me pick the movies and restaurant
  • He tells me i smell nice even i didn't take a shower for two days
  • He endures that i wanna be a princess
  • He goes shopping with me and wait for me
  • He always surprises me
  • He let me eat his food when i dont like mine
  • He never mad at me for a long time
  • He can tell when something is wrong with me
  • He knows how to make me smile
  • He travel to see me everyday
  • He stay up just to company me
  • He calls me baby
  • He tells me im pretty
  • He give me flowers and bears
  • He write love notes
  • and most of all he loves me :D

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