21 December 2010

Facebook Facts, Do's and Dont's..

this is just for fun.. :)

Fun Facts
  1. 60% people use facebook to stalk their ex.
  2. More than 300 million active users on facebook. you are not alone!
  3. Facebook is open in up to 70 different languages.
  4. Syria, Iran, Vietnam and China banned facebook.
  5. Mark Zuckerberg is the world's youngest billionaire.
  1. Do use facebook messaging for sharing more private things.
  2. Use facebook to stay in touch with your friends and make new one.
  3. Do understand the art of the tag. Everyone loves to be tagged in photos, but only attractive photos. Tagging someone making a funny or contorted face is just mean.
  4. Do use the "like" option creatively.
  5. Do keep your personal and work life completely separate on Facebook. Never friend your boss or write messages on your client's Facebook wall.
  1. No one is "happy", 3 hours later ''mad'', 1 hour later "bored'', then ''sad'' or "angry", etc. Go to a shrink or search for some professional help. Do not declare it publicly.
  2. If your girlfriend or boyfriend / wife or husband, cheats on you.. Please understand that no one is interested to know that you and ur partner broke up and ur calling him a fucking retard. So, don't write it in your status.
  3. Don't change your Name, like 500 times a day. Its not cool anymore, it would just let everyone know how lifeless you are.
  4. Don't type in all caps unless you really mean to shout, otherwise it's just annoying and becomes tedious quickly.
  5. Don't Post pictures of your friends without their permission. It may be considered a legitimate invasion of their privacy.

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