18 March 2013

Thank you love

Often I tell you how deeply I love you,
though I don’t tell you often enough
how thankful I am for you

I thank you for your love,
your friendship, your kindness

I thank you for making me smile,
for being there when I need someone

I thank you for your support,
your strength, for all you give to me

I thank you for the laughter,
the memories, the quiet times together,
the heart to heart talks

I thank you for making each day special,
if not more special than the day before

I thank you for every moment,
every second that you’ve been a part of my life

I thank you for sharing yourself with me
I thank you for loving and giving unconditionally

And if tomorrow I wake to find,
there will be no more days with you
I’ll thank you for all you’ve left behind,
that will help to carry me through.

I thank you for yesterday,
today and tomorrow.
I love you without end;
Your the love of my life
and a special friend.