28 December 2010

2011 Must Have

after doing some research and google-ling.. i came out with a list, what's hot for 2011, what should we get and what should we do. so to all fashionista out there, i hope this might help you with your shopping spree.. or give you some idea :)

1. Mac Peacocky
Mac come out with a new collection called Mac Peacocky. it will be release internationaly by february 2011. looking at the colour, i must say this collection is quit tempting.

2. Butterfly Print Fashion
Oh i love butterfly it symbolize many things. For 2011 many designers took inspiration from butterflies. For example Blumarine, Marc Jacobs, Loewe, Gwen Stefani and Alexander McQueen. So 2011 is all about Butterfly, Flutterby~

3. Cat Eye Sunglasses
Say goodbye to your big sunglass and say hello to cat eye :) This 50s and 1960s popular trend is back with a bang and is all set to make its rocking way in 2011.

4. iPhone
ladies, we left the feminine thingy for a while.. focus on the most promising gadget for 2011. stainless steel casing, all-glass front isn't it sexy.. heard that they will release iphone 5 sometimes in july 2011.  

5.  Perfumes
Many perfumes will be launch in 2011. some of it is Beyonce Heat Rush, Nina Ricci Dancing Ribbon, leighton meester for Vera Wang (i don't know the name yet, but i cant wait for it!), Taylor Swift too will release her own fragrance with elizabeth arden. will it be sweet as her music, we have to wait.. oh 2011 please come fast! what's your flavour ladies?

6. Short hair
By end of 2010, so many celebs chop of their long locks. Jessica Alba, Ashlee Simpson, Keira Knightly and many more. so i guess short hairstyle will be a hot new do in 2011.

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