14 September 2013

Our Engagement Day

We are officially engaged! can you believe i'm actually a step closer to getting married. hehe. engagement is not part of our plan. memang me and Ayman plan nak nikah terus, but i guess its true kita hanya merancang, tapi Allah yang tentukan. next year i'll be Ayman's wife. InsyaAllah.. and there are just too many feelings in my heart everyday. so excited to start a brand new chapter with my chosen man. we've both been dreaming of this moment, loving each other and pray that God will bless our relationship. i really can't wait to come home to each other and seeing his face everyday when i wake up :D *sila berenti berangan. setahun lagi!* 

ok back to my engagement day. 24th August 2013. its was a very beautiful day. (actually i kept praying 'jangan la hujan, pls jangan hujan' all night) nasib baik tak hujan. I'm glad that the ceremony went perfectly and as smooth as planned. thanks to my family. 

i was so relieved its over (and went well). Alhamdulillah. so now i can focus on my wedding preparation. can i start acting like a bridezilla now :p

23 June 2013


yesterday 22nd June 2013 is my merisik day. after more than 3 years I kawan dengan Ayman semalam first time my mum jumpa dengan parents dia. Nervous tak payahlah cakap. dengan my mum sekali tak bole tido malam. hehe. gelabah tak pasal-pasal. Alhamdulillah everything went well. just a simple discussion. diorang banyak borak pasal benda lain pulak *_*

im so happy.. but my mum asyik nangis sampai orang semua dah balik tak habis nangis lagi. belum apa-apa lagi cane nak kawin ni. hehe.. and zety pun dan2 tu la nak berkepit je. such a drama queen!

thanks for the cake Kak Emma! 

My starlight ring :) 

25 May 2013

Engagement dress

sangat penat memikirkan dress.. when i went to bandung memang dah plan nak cari kain untuk engagement. and i want tiffany blue for my theme. bila sampai bandung the first thing yang we all buat ialah tempah invitation. mama la tak sabar-sabar pg tempah color tiffany blue. thn after tempah invitation baru pergi cari kain. problem nya satu bandung pusing tak jumpa color tiffany blue. kalau ada pun tak cantik. nak tukar color tak boleh pulak sebab invitation dah tempah. sebab geram sangat i pun beli je la color yang lebih kurang. dekat bandung kain mmg la murah gila. sangat murah! boleh jadi gila. my kain tunang, lace, chiffon and satin plus kain baju melayu ayman semua sekali tak sampai rm 1000. murah kan. the color is something like turquoise and teal. memang sedih tapi tak pa la tu je yang ada. 

when we get here mama perasan yang i macam tak suka color tu. ok mama knows everything, can't hide from her. huhu. i love you mama. thn dia bawak i pergi jakel and gulatis cari kain. ada la tiffany blue tapi tak cantik pulak. the lace kurang menarik ada yang cantik too much beads pulak. ada yang cantik dekat jakel rm 1600 satu meter and i need at least two meters. fine over my budget! so dengan sedihnya redha je la dengan kain yang ada. padan muka cari color susah-susah lagi. 

ok next part. designer. mencari designer pun bukan senang. i like Jovian tapi mimpi la harga dia. i went to mimpi kita tapi diorang nak kena guna their own material. sedih :( lepas tu i set appointment with Syomir Izwa. and one night my cousin datang rumah. we start borak-borak about designer. she said kau kenal tak Rico Rinaldi. and i was like who is that?? never heard of him.. thn kitrg pun google. bukak je bridal campaign dia boom! terus jatuh cinta. this is Rico's website RICO RINALDI besok jugak call dia and buat appointment. he is a very nice guy. lembut je. but he said sorry my chiffon tak cukup. sebab i beli 3 meters je and he need 8 meters. arrghh! duit lagi. and i got an idea alang-alang nak kena beli lagi why don't i tukar je color chiffon tapi maintain lace yang dah ada tu. so i pergi jakel bought tiffany blue chiffon. kain baju melayu ayman pun kena tukar la jugak tiffany blue. tak tau la jadi apa dah my dress and our theme color. rojak kot. hehe. 

rico cakap lain kali kalau untuk wedding ke jangan pandai-pandai pergi cari kain sendiri. bawak designer sekali or biar designer je cari kain. fine for my wedding i leave all to you ye. insyaAllah :) dia cakap jauh-jauh cari kain tapi kain sedih jugak. dia cakap kain i sedih! sedih!

but i have faith in Rico. the last thing i told him Rico please buat i nampak kurus. so worried about my weight dah la engagement tu time raya. memang makan je la. tapi Rico cakap eh your cutting dah okay la. ehem ehem pandai ambik hati. this coming 29 june is my first fitting. can't wait to see the dress! 

17 May 2013

When he proposed I said yes!

finally we are getting engaged. Insya'allah in August. I'm excited can you tell. Theme color maybe tiffany blue and white. i bought  kain dkt bandung last week. tapi tak hantar tempah lagi. i want everything to be simple and sweet. i read somewhere that engagement should be simple, save all the drama for your wedding. so the keyword is SIMPLE

i should start preparing now. tapi tak tau nak mula dari mana. dah la busy with assignments. insya'allah if everything goes according to plan next semester i will start my internship. Slowly but surely. pray for me :) 

18 March 2013

Thank you love

Often I tell you how deeply I love you,
though I don’t tell you often enough
how thankful I am for you

I thank you for your love,
your friendship, your kindness

I thank you for making me smile,
for being there when I need someone

I thank you for your support,
your strength, for all you give to me

I thank you for the laughter,
the memories, the quiet times together,
the heart to heart talks

I thank you for making each day special,
if not more special than the day before

I thank you for every moment,
every second that you’ve been a part of my life

I thank you for sharing yourself with me
I thank you for loving and giving unconditionally

And if tomorrow I wake to find,
there will be no more days with you
I’ll thank you for all you’ve left behind,
that will help to carry me through.

I thank you for yesterday,
today and tomorrow.
I love you without end;
Your the love of my life
and a special friend.