22 July 2011

Chelsea! Chelsea!

a picture worth a thousand words! so you all tengok la gambar-gambar chelsea asia tour 2011 ni! im running out of words! happy!! mula-mula ingat tak dapat tengok sebab my boyfriend tak nak. tau-tau dia dah ada ticket. suka tau buat surprise. hehe.. thank you so much! i love you!

our ticket

training pass on the 19th

makan ice cream dl.. super hot!

dapat bolaaa!! thx mikel!

Malaysia vs Chelsea.. dua-dua pun sayang. hehe.

booo arsenal! he's a chelsea fan from now on :P
Omg! my baby Lampard!!
Nampak tak jersey number 8 tu.. hehe.
Lampard lagi!!!

go lampard!
g minum air dulu ye baby, penat ye..

jimmy shanley beside us  :)
we are the blues
ini red turns blue.. hehe.. jangan buang jersey tu syg! mahal i beli.. love u lots!
with my lepard. haha!

14 July 2011


This one dont need a caption..

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pernah tak anda terjaga dari tidur dan dapat mimpi yang indah :) berjalan-jalan, berpimpin tangan bersama dengan kekasih hati memakai sepasang kasut christian louboutin.. indahnya.. hehe.. ye itu lah mimpi saya semalam.. bila terjaga, mandi, breakfast, memandu ke pejabat.. hanya satu dalam fikiran a nude louboutin shoes!

tapi saya tau mimpi tersebut tak akan jadi kenyataan.. :( sebab saya kekurangan wang, dan peristiwa credit card bulan lepas masih menghantui. dan ugutan-ugutan mama bahawa saya tak kan dapat shopping apa-apa sampai tahun depan! ye mak saya zalim. rasanya nak lari rumah, tapi kemana arah nak dituju.. sob..sob.. jadi apa yang boleh saya buat ialah mencuci mata dengan gambar-gambarnya sahaja.. dunia memang kejam!

tapi kita masih mampu berimajinasi.. berjalan-jalan bersama dengan celebrity pujaan dan memakai louboutin masing-masing.. apa yang kita perlukan hanya imajinasi *keluarkan tangan berbentuk pelangi*

12 July 2011

My new hair colour

i had a new hair colour!! my brother said i look like jessica alba.. +1 haha! my boyfriend said tak cantik! :'(
but I LOVE it! I’ve never had hair this blonde before! I honestly have to get used to it. tak biasa. hehe. but im kinda scared of what my mother might say. God save me.

but dont worry i'll get it right before raya :D it will last for couple of months only. i just wanted to try something new.. but blonde for me, hmm.. as you can see.. its a big no!! but why not try something different.. bak kata orang break out from your comfort zone. hehe. i wanted to try this since kim kardashian blonde her hair last year, tapi tak berani :P

Kim with her blonde hair
but yesterday tiba-tiba rasa nak try.. so tadaaa!! what do you think :)

10 July 2011


hello people.. hows your weekend? i spend my weekend in port dickson. running from all the chaos in kl. as you know.. most of the road in city centre was closed and lots of roadblocks due to bersih 2.0 rally. dont blame  the rally, dont blame the government either.. everything's already written up there, stop complaining :) all we can do is learn from it, run from it if it cause a lot of trouble for you. and dont mess with the authorities! thats what i do.. run from the chaos, go to somewhere beautiful and have fun! arrived in pd on friday afternoon and just get home this evening :) 

the place was beautiful.. 

 my marshmallow had a great time.. 

my jelly bean had a great time..

kak bad enjoying herself.. no household works to handle.

and my sayang had a great time too.. i guess. even though he keeps complaining that he's tired. hehe. 

as for me, as long as they are around.. im happy :)

but we miss mama, of course.. :( she's in JB, busy with her theater performance..  

do you think that im a selfish citizen? call me anything but my family and my safety is more important.. but i hope in the future i have the courage to stay here in KL, in good times and in bad times.. i love you KL, i do.. I love you Malaysia :) i wish years to come you are still my lovely and peacefully Malaysia.. salam 1 Malaysia.. :D 

in love and light.. XX 

07 July 2011

I heart them

Sometimes you just want to put other peoples happiness before yours, because you love them, because they deserve it. Sometimes you want to go out of your way for people just because you know it's important that they get a chance to smile..

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01 July 2011

Hello July

its crazy how fast June went by.. and now its July.. sebulan je lagi nak puasa! weeee! cant wait cant wait! baju raya dah tempah kawan-kawan? hehe.. saya dah :P this year colour is yellow, purple, pink and black.. :D but i havent ganti my puasa yet.. :( malasnyaaaaaa! will start next week. phew. and guess what i put on weight! 48kg! extra fat why dont you find your way to my boobs and bums. haha! so my goal for july adalah untuk mengurangkan berat badan! and today last i makan cheese cake for this month! last! i'll start diet and excercise. maybe join my boyfriend with his new hobby, cycling :)

so happy july everyone! in love and light. Xx.

i start my July with this :)

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