26 November 2011

Black Friday & Birthday

Yesterday is black Friday and it's shopping day! macam biasa, when Christmas is coming you can see fragrance promotion everywhere.. and yesterday bila tengah jalan-jalan with my brother tiba-tiba ternampak mariah carey lollipop splash the remix perfume. the cute bottle caught my eye!

and when i smell it, OH MY.. so sweet.. rasa macam nak makan je! ada 3 choice you can choose, inseparable, never forget you and vision of love. i choose vision of love. the sweetest among all three. one bottle is rm155 but if you buy all three it's only rm 450 :)

And yesterday jugak birthday my brother si mokmok and my maid kak bad :) It's his 18th birthday.. besar dah my darling.. happy birthday to a wonderful brother and a good friend.. love you always! jangan notty-notty.. jangan 24/7 dengan blackberry tu :) wishing you happiness always..

25 November 2011

I am a female

Things you should know about me.
  • I push doors that clearly says PULL.
  • I laugh harder when I try to explain why im laughing.
  • I walk into a room and forget why I was there.
  • I count on my fingers.
  • I hide the pain from my loved ones.
  • I say it is a long story, when it really is not, just to get out of having to tell it.
  • I cry a lot more than you think i do.
  • I care about people who don't care about me.
  • I am strong because i have to be, it wasn't an option.
  • I love hugs
Yes.. that's me. I am a Female and proud to be one ;)

19 November 2011

Calling Romeo

It's been a long time since I cried at the end of a book. This book tugged my heartstrings. It was a rollercoaster of the heroine finding out who she is, and I think most girls could really relate. It definitely made me reevaluate my relationship with the man I love, and the little things that make it special to me.

This is the story of Juliet and Will, a couple of more than 2 years, that seem to be more or less estranged at the beginning of the book. A few stupid decisions and wrong turns later and they both get a wake up call and start re-evaluating their lives and their choices.

I liked that the book is realistic and doesn't sugar coat things - people make decisions and face consequences. Simple as that. Appreciating what you have, taking a risk and experiencing something new and finally figuring out what it is you really want.

Much of the drama would have been avoided if only people would just talk to each other! That's a real-life problem.. read this book to know what happen to will and juliet.. :)

10 November 2011

Kardashian Kollection

so everyone is talking about the kardashian kollection bag now.. about how they steal other brands design.. here's some of the comparison is you haven't see it yet..

I don't see it as stealing the idea. I think they are paying a tribute to other brands such as Chloe, Alexander Wang, YSL and the rest. The bags is inspired by those brands. What's the matter? Only because they are the Kardashians? Last week i saw the same leopard print design at guess. Which is inspired by Hermes. Apparently no one talks about it..

Everyone close to me knows how I'm dying for that balenciaga motorcycle but i can't afford it. Kardashian Kollection came out with the same design for only $100.00, now i can afford it.. :D they are doing good deeds. For someone like me, for anyone like us who don't have enough money to buy those designer brands. now we can have a similar bag with an affordable price. Thanks to the Kardashians.. (but sadly it's not in Malaysia yet)

When Ralph Lauren had an interview with Oprah, Oprah asked him "how do you keep reinventing?". Guess what he said.. He said
"You copy.. Forty-five years of copying, that's why I'm here."

So what do you think? I'm team Kardashian of course.. as always :)
In love and light. XX.

07 November 2011

A few Questions that i need to know..

Will you look for me when I'm gone?
Will you run after me?
If I'm angry and sad and walk away from you. 
Will you call me if you did not hear from me?
Will you text me first? 
or will you wait and think ill show up later?
Will you hug me before i do? 
Will you miss me instantly?
Will you call my name with all sincerity?
Will you ask me what is wrong?
Will you support me?
Will you give me your attention?
Will you protect me and take care of me?
Will you give up or would you fight? 
Will you wipe my tears even in the middle of the night? 
Will you surprise me and do something unexpected? 
Will you compromise? 
Will you go out of your way for me? 
Will you be honest and true? 
Will you laugh at my jokes? 
Will you be here? 
Will you listen? 
Will you speak? 
Will you hold my hand when I'm old?
Will you love me for who i am? 
Will you promise me forever?..

03 November 2011

My Birthday Wishlist..

My birthday is coming! Still thinking how to celebrate it.. Excited!! :) i'll turn 26 this year.. alamak tuanya saya! but who cares age is just a number *ayat sedapkan hati* :P i got nothing better to do, im sleepy but i dont want to sleep so i make a wishlist for my birthday! yeay! actually all i want for this coming birthday is THAT, only THAT.. oh you knew IT, im not going to tell you.. go figure out yourself. hehe. anyway.. here's the list..
*drum roll!!!*

  1. Wallet - trust me i havent change my wallet more than 2 years! sadisnya.. yeah but its true. button kat wallet tu pun dah macam longgar-longgar sikit and the warranty pun dah habis. kalau nak kena tukar sendiri, better get a new one la! sedih! sob..sob..
  2. Blackberry TORCH 2 - i need a new BB, i gave my Babyberry to Akmar :( sad.. but she needs a bb, everyone mesti ada BB nowdays. no exception. *once u go black you'll never go back* cewah promote pulak kat sini. yeah i gave it to akmar so senang dia nak bercinta with haris. haha.. (hye marmar hye haris. i know u guys are reading this) so i have no BB now and i need a new one. torch to be exact sebab dah boring pakai bold.. even ramai suggest bold 4. hmm..
  3. MacBook - tak tau untuk apa saja suka-suka nak :)
  4. iPad - pun tak tau untuk apa tapi rasa macam nak..
  5. pitbull concert ticket. muahahaha.. :P
ok dah merepek.. jom tido.. in love and light.. XX.. Zzzzzzzzzz...