14 September 2013

Our Engagement Day

We are officially engaged! can you believe i'm actually a step closer to getting married. hehe. engagement is not part of our plan. memang me and Ayman plan nak nikah terus, but i guess its true kita hanya merancang, tapi Allah yang tentukan. next year i'll be Ayman's wife. InsyaAllah.. and there are just too many feelings in my heart everyday. so excited to start a brand new chapter with my chosen man. we've both been dreaming of this moment, loving each other and pray that God will bless our relationship. i really can't wait to come home to each other and seeing his face everyday when i wake up :D *sila berenti berangan. setahun lagi!* 

ok back to my engagement day. 24th August 2013. its was a very beautiful day. (actually i kept praying 'jangan la hujan, pls jangan hujan' all night) nasib baik tak hujan. I'm glad that the ceremony went perfectly and as smooth as planned. thanks to my family. 

i was so relieved its over (and went well). Alhamdulillah. so now i can focus on my wedding preparation. can i start acting like a bridezilla now :p