19 December 2010

Apple vs Blackberry

im not going to write about the cold war between apple and blackberry. no im not. but im going to write about how this two "used to be fruits" has done with our life. i think apple and blackberry are taking us from our social lives. for example, when you are talking to someone who's having a blackberry or ipad or iphone its like talking to the wall. I've experienced this many times. i know :)

besides that, there's also lots of accidents happen because of blackberry or iphone. people using them while driving, walking in streets, even crossing them! we almost forget about our surroundings because of apple and blackberry. we are too busy tweeting or facebooking or bbming or whatever.. i know :)

sometimes we're out to a birthday party.. looks around to get to know everybody but the person besides you are too busy with a small device on their hands. hmm.. such a typical sight now days. hello where is your social life? better you stay at home right :P i know :)

is it so important to own a blackberry or an iphone? so i guess, yeah.. life was easier when apple and blackberry were just fruits :) in love and lights.. XX.