28 February 2011


My first attempt as a photographer.. hehe. its just for fun anyway.. boring-boring nothing to do. thanks to wan sharmila sanggup nak melayan. so how? boleh tak nak jadi photoghrapher. ala-ala anna rina tak. huhu. camera ayman berat gila yea! gigil-gigil nak pegang ngan flash bagai.. first few take dah penat cane. so first and last la i berangan jadi photographer. xmau lagi dah.

macam cover harper's bazaar kan. hahaha! dush! gila perasan.
she's so cute.. on and off camera. tq kak! :)

26 February 2011

saints v. sinners

The LaFata family have it all – obscene wealth, talent, good fortune and beautiful genes. Or at least they used to…until the head of the family, Giancarlo ‘Fatty’ La Fata, vanishes over the side of his yacht one night and disappears into the dark Riviera night. His widow (and fourth wife) Jade, his son, Carlo Jr, and daughters, Francesca and Angelica, are left awash in a sea of heartbreak and confusion. Did Fatty fall, or was he pushed? But this question only leads to more – for around a strong man, are even stronger women. Mothers, daughters, lovers, wives and sisters – Fatty has left a web of women who all have their own secrets. When one of these women steps forward to clean up the mess Fatty left behind she will meet the drug dealers and illegal gamblers that lurk behind the glamour of the French Riviera, she will risk her heart as well as her life.

so that is the synopsis which i copy paste straight from the back cover :) its a very interesting novel and i cant put it down. the plot was gripping and a lot of colourful character, my heart fell for Francesca LaFata and i cant stop crying when it comes to her story. how she had to managed her baby brother and sister, her children, cold as stone husband and a lost father. very-very hot storyline, unexpected ending and i just cant get enough of Katie Agnew!

trust me i even lied to my bf that I'm not feeling well, the truth is i don't want to go out because i am glued to this book. wallah! :)

24 February 2011


memories can be painful. reminiscing to a time where you were once really happy. where you felt like you were about to explode from being so full of happiness. you didn't know that one day you would wish that you didn't take it for granted. but that's all they are, just imprints in our brain of what used to be. you cant change them and no matter how hard you try, if they really matter that much to you, you cant forget them. don't beat yourself up about it because whats done is done. the only thing you can really do is move on from it. memories can also be good for you. you now know that its possible to be that happy and maybe one day you can get that happiness back. so just keep making memories that matter so that when its all over you can remember the good times instead of looking back on how sad you were crying over what used to be.


21 February 2011

Anugerah Seri Angkasa 2010

I know it is sooo yesterday.. hehe. tapi nak jugak write about this :P im so busy tak ada masa la nak update blog. ok ASA is back after few years tak ada. dengar cerita KPKK xda budget.. heh?? betul ke Dato Seri?? tapi tak pa la.. as long as its back! so i went there with my mum.. semua paper dah cover pasal winner. so i xpayah la sibuk-sibuk bagitau kan. ada lagi yang tak tau ke? ish2.. baca KAT SINI 

here's few pic of me and my mum.. sorry gambar a bit blurr.. taken with my iphone :)

opening show.. semangat satu Malaysia!




watch me on the video.. minute 2:45 ok :) in love and light.. XX.

18 February 2011

o' happy day!

so happy! life cant get any better.. i x pergi kerja, ayman x pergi class. jalan-jalan satu hari, balik and malam sambung balik.. haha! lifeless! yesterday we watched movie.. two movies. THE RITE and SANCTUM. so I'm gonna give some reviews on this movie :P playing my part as a critics.. huhu.


hmm..this story is based on real story. overall i think its a boring film. please don't spend your money on this movie. don't know why Anthony Hopkins choose this kind of script. its a religious movie and i cant wait for it to be over. it begins with the story of michael kovak who attend exorcism course in Italy but he don't believe in devil. me too i don't believe in superstitious thingy. i remember one of Hopkins dialogue "you wont be safe even if you don't believe it" something like that. ok scary. huhu. whatever i prefer to watch Hopkins as Hannibal lecter.. 1.5 out of 5 :)


what sells this movie is JAMES CAMERON name as executive producer. same like the rite this movie also based on a true story. the story is about underwater cave divers. but something went wrong on the surface, hurricane came and cut all the line connection and they all stuck inside the cave, flooding with water and no way out. the only way is to find a river that lead to the sea. i think it will be better to tell the story as documentary instead of melodrama kind of movie. however, i like this movie because the suspense hold me and the shots is amazing.. thanks to beautiful studio cave.. worth watching. 3.5 out of 5 :)

tapi apa pun.. cerita tak best pun jadi best bila tengok with your sang rajuna hati.. ('',) in love and light. XX.

sayanggggg awakkk!

sungguh tembam pipi saya!

17 February 2011


my mum is the cover of midi magazine 15th Feb 2011 issue.. she looks smoking hot as ever.. isn't she?

this magazine is actually for middle age people.. grab it if you want to see my "sweet as roz" mum and read her story. hehe. you also can read it online CLICK HERE :) in love and light.. XX.

hold it against me video

it's only 30second sneak peak.. cant wait to see the rest of it. it will premier on thursday night 9.56pm.. US time la.. earlier today kimK tweet that britney cant do any wrong. of course she cant.. see how sexy she is! it's a big comeback for her.. i love you britney!!!

16 February 2011

Balik Kampung!

balik kampung ho ho ho balik kampung! it was fun! tapi bukan my kampung la.. ayman's kampung. hehe.. my so called kampung tengah-tengah town tak best! ayman's kampung is cooler. no traffic jam.. lot's of ayam and lembu.. and pokok buah. tapi masa i pegi tu bukan musim buah.. kalau tak harus la i panjat pokok rambutan depan rumah tu. hehe.. the kampung is located in seri menanti negeri sembilan.. ayman said its bandar diraja.. rumah nenek ayman dekat je dengan castle.. if you go there you can see warna kuning everywhere.. cool..

see no car.. blh gedik2 tengah jalan :D



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