31 May 2012

Who's that girl?

Have you ever wondered what you might change about your life if you had the chance to give your younger self some much needed advice? It's wonderful thing but it is pretty useless amending something that already happened. 

This is chick lit at its best, it isn't anything that needs too much brain power, it is just a light hearted story that is meant to entertain. 

If I had any criticism of this book it would be that it took me a couple of chapters before I was hooked, this book didn't instantly grab my attention and hold it. It was boring at first, Also, Charlotte's character is a bit over the top and unlikable at the beginning but it doesn't take long to warm up to her.

I would completely recommend this book if you want something light and girlie to read. You won't be disappointed..

30 May 2012

The beautiful sound of pouring rain..

when was the last time you walked through the rain? didn't run or try to hide. didn't open up an umbrella to shield you, but just walked. its lovely really. to close your eyes and tilt your head to the sky and feel those sudden burst of water splash across your face. to let the water coat you without fear. its peaceful. i love it when it rains like this. and the best thing is seeing my love's face first thing in the morning :)

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29 May 2012


hiiii.. boring kat ofice tak tau nak buat apa. facebook dah, twitter dah, tumblr dah, 9gag dah.. so nak berblogging plk :) tapi xda apa nak cerita. hmm.. hidup sgt la boring sangat sekarang ni. itu lah keyword nya. BORING. oh.. last friday i lost my phone kat curve damansara. ceritanya mcm ni, i plan to go out with ayman to have dinner and watch movie together. mmg masa nak keluar rumah tu rasa mcm nak tukar bag sbb dah seminggu tak tukar bag. tapi sbb kelam kabut xnak ayman tgg lama, kang bebel pulak so pakai je la bag tu. i was carrying my gucci-jolie that time. sampai kat curve while waiting for ayman, i pun pergi la tgk baju dkt cotton on. there's a corner, everything is under rm50. ramai jgk org dkt situ. and suddenly rasa mcm org langgar bag. i pn biar je la sbb ingat dia terlanggar. thn nak text ayman tamya dkt mana tgk phone dah tak da. sedih gila. dah la cctv pn xda kat situ. never ever bring a bag with no zip. but i guess neverful is safer thn gucci-jolie.  ayman pulak bebel2 cakap careless la apa la. mmg i suka sebenarnya hilang phone. pencuri tu la stupid! jahat gila. staff cotton on tu cakap that is not the first time customer hilang barang. so itu la ceritanya i lost my phone that night. dah dpt yg lain but still missing the old one :( i guess curve is not safe anymore. just heard a story about a girl kena kidnapped yesterday.. read it HERE scaryyyy.. she was so lucky she managed to open the door. 

apa lg nk cerita. ha that night kitrg tgk cerita mib 3.. gila la bosan sampai tetido2. tapi tak puas hati kenapa cerita bosan macam tu dapat more collection thn avengers. 

hmm, and more thing nak congratulate shah rukh khan's kkr team. they won IPL for the first time.. shah rukh khan mesti bangga. i pn bangga jgk :P tiba2. 

dah la tu ye. merepek je. jom lunch. bye everyone. 

in love and light. xx.

22 May 2012


I didn't know I was looking for love, until I saw u..

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21 May 2012

Dear God..

Please watch over us tonight. thanks for the blessed day. i pray for my family, my mum, my brother, my sister. everyone. drama free, stress free and financially stable. i hope you remind us everything will be okay. especially for my friends and dearest ones who are fighting through so much every single day. please give them strength & guide them through the darkness point of their lives. special prayer to my friend 'akmar', please make her strong enough to deal with what you put on her and never let her give up. help her to always have hope and faith in you. for all who are fighting an illness, heartbreaks, financial issues, abuse etc as well. and for myself, i just pray to always come to you in times of help and even when I'm happy. i just hope for the best for everyone. thank you God.

Goodnight, I love you..

18 May 2012

So its the end of our first semester

time flies. i still remember the time when i was waiting for the opening of our first semester. I'd been longing for entering University and start my new busy life. and maybe the old saying is right "be careful with what you wish for".. its been a hectic semester, especially the last two weeks. glad its finally over. time to ditch all my books :P 

this is the pictures of our last day.. and yes, u can see me wearing tudung bawal. its part of our marketing plan presentation. cantik tak? kalau nak beli boleh beli kat sini  BAWALOVERS haha.. tak habis2 buat marketing ni.. (yatie commission please :D)  

 and its holiday time! but of course ill miss the girls ;)

in love and light. XX

16 May 2012

Im sorry

dear sayang,
you cannot possibly imagine it. you cannot possibly imagine what difference you have done to my life. i honestly don't think you know, but you alone have change everything about me, about what i think and how i act. i never told you before but its true, when i think about my life, the dividing point is when i meet you. for me, the is life before i meet you and after. you are the most important person in my life and everything i do, i do with you in my mind. thinking about how it will affect you and what will you say about it. whatever happens, whatever the future brings nobody knows. but, what i do know is that i will always always love you and nothing will ever change that. a smile from you will make my heart smile for the rest of the day. I'm sorry.. i miss you.


06 May 2012


yesterday I found a kitten in front of my house. His mother is nowhere to be found. So decided i to keep him and name him kiko. Actually zety and sufian yg pilih nama. He is so cute and so loud! Asik nangis je. Nak kena org Teman je all the time. So manja and playful. Tapi tadi dia main2 Kat atas tangga jatuh smpi ke bawah :( semua vet ttp pulak have to wait till tomorrow.. But I hope he's ok. So meet my kiko :)

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01 May 2012

Upin & Ipin galore

dont get me wrong.. im not the one addicted to upin ipin. its izzati. upin ipin all the time *yawn* tapi its ok. sayang punya pasal. ikut kan aje la :D so last week i bawak dia pg kedai makan upin ipin dekat shah alam and pergi tengok upin & ipin the musical dekat istana budaya. 

kedai makan upin ipin dekat section 7 shah alam.. memang jauh sangat from our place. the food is ok-ok la tapi mcm mahal skit :P but best, decoration dalam kedai semua upin ipin. si izzati sampai xda selera nak makan sibuk pointing here and there. 

upin & ipin the musical pulak dekat istana budaya. yang tak puas hati kenapa kids tak da special price!! sama je mcm adult. huhu.. pastu tak best diorg punya cast. the two boys who plays upin ipin dah besar and tak cute. oops.. c(: but overall best la jugak. lagu-lagu semua catchy! pandai pulak tu budak-budak tu semua menari. im in love with the girl who plays princess cinonet. izzati enjoy sangat sampai tak nak balik. merengek-rengek nak upin ipin merchandise pulak. pffft... 

siapa suka upin & ipin jom pergi tengok! support la our local production. hurry-hurry ada sampai 6 May ni je. hehe.. in love and light. XX