31 October 2011

Bye October, Hello November..

Goodbye October.. You’ve been one of the shitiest month of my life. You better be good next year! Too much bad luck, sickness, sadness and anger. I don’t even know how I manage to survive and stay sane. 
SO.. you know you are my favorite :) please.. promise me that we'll have a good time together.. ♥

27 October 2011

Disney Princess

We’ve always loved the Disney princesses, but have you ever wondered how they'll look like if they were real?  I found this on Yahoo! So interesting.. one graphic design student at the Arts University College at Bournemouth in the UK had the creative idea to bring Disney characters to life using photo manipulation.

Princess Aurora "Sleeping Beauty"
Belle "Beauty and the Beast"
Ariel "The Little Mermaid"
Esmeralda "The Hunchback of the Notre Dame"

Jasmine "Aladdin"

Megara "Hercules"

 Wait! where's Cinderella?

25 October 2011


If you asked me last year where I saw myself in a year, I could quickly tell you that this wasn't it. Everything I am right now is nothing like I thought I would have been. The way things in general are nothing like I thought they would be. Not being able to see my grandfather again. To see people I couldn't live without last year walk away from my life and become strangers, to see people that were once strangers, mean more than a world to me. Seeing time flies by in a blink of an eye and feels like nothing ever change. Feels like everything has stayed the same throughout these days, yet looking back at where I was around this exact time last year and everything is different..

15 October 2011

Top 5 Iconic Bag

Next to diamond, handbag is a girl's best friend. There’s a bag for every need, one for every occasion and one for every mood! Someday I’m going to have a special, magical closet just for designer handbags and shoes! Until then, I’m going to fill my heart with pictures of these divine top designer bag! Join me, won’t you? Arm candy ain't what it used to be. This is a must have bag if you are a true fashionista :)

1. Hermes Birkin.
The Birkin is named after Jane Birkin. Sex and the City's Samantha started some serious scheming after a Hermes salesmen told her "It's not a bag, it's a Birkin!" They said once you have this one, you never want another. Ok, enough said.
Price : $9,000 to $150,000

2. Chanel 2.55
Possibly the most ladylike and elegant bag ever made! The bag that designed for women by a woman. And it has romance, the zip compartment inside the front flap of every 2.55 is rumoured to be where Coco Chanel hide her love letters. How romantic! I'm dying for this one!
Price : $3250 - $6000

3. Lady Dior
Comes with several size and colors and you couldn't take off your eyes from the letters "D-I-O-R" swinging at the handles.Lady Dior is named after Lady Diana.
Price: $1500 - $4500

4. Louis Vuitton Speedy
My Fovourite! :D Founded in Paris in 1854. The only unisex bag in the list. You can see this bag carried by Hilary Duff, Madonna, Jessica Simpson, Audrey Hepburn, Paris Hilton Kim Kardashian, Andre Aggasi, Snoop Dog.
If you do not own a LV Speedy yet, read five reasons everyone should own a louis vuitton speedy
Price : $750 - $4650

5. Gucci Jackie
Have you ever heard a song by Spice girl? "Jackie O, we love her so" (I can't remember the title) Don't we just love Jackie Kennedy style? So does Gucci! Gucci named this hobo bag after Jackie Kennedy on 1960.
Price: $1200 -  $4000

So ladies, guess it's time to start saving.. :D In love and light. XX. *Ka-ching, Ka-ching*

12 October 2011

Something Wrong..

I think there is something wrong with the world. 
No one says what they feel, 
they always hold it inside. 
They're sad but they don't cry. 
They're happy but they don't sing or dance. 
They're angry but they don't scream. 
Because if they do, the feel ashamed. 
And that's the worst feeling in the world. 
So everyone walks with their head down 
and no one sees how beautiful the sky is..

11 October 2011

The Single Girl's To Do List

The main character in this book is Rachel. From the start of this book I loved her character. When i meet Rachel she is being dumped by Simon and so i meet Rachel right from the start of her journey and see the emotion she is going through. I think this is why i like her character straight away. as I am sure most of us have found ourselves in her situation so we can relate to her character.

I loved her friends Emelie and Matthew, I found that they helped to bring the humor to the story which was a good touch as it broke the book up so that the story wasn't doom and gloom. We could all do with friends like them. I did find that it took me a while to like the character of Dan who works on set with Rachel. There was something about him which made me sit on the fence about his character right upto the end of the book I didn't feel like I could trust him.

This book is very out there with its contents so you need to have an imagination to read it, the things Rachel gets up to such as getting a Tattoo and flying round the world to meet someone you had a crush on at school all in the space of two weeks!

This book is a real page turner and it kept me entertained the whole way through the book. From the first page we were off on a fast pace being drawn into the story and the book carried on in this way. There were no low points to the book were you would usually find yourself skimming a chapter. The ending was up nicely :)

10 October 2011

My Vacation Recap

hi semua! :D miss me? hehe.. this is some of the picture that i manage to take on my vacation last week.. going through all the pictures, i realize that instead of beautiful scenery of krabi & phi phi island, my camera is fully loaded with the picture of myself! @_@ haih.. next time i'll remind myself to take the picture of the place, bukan camwhoring. so tak banyak la gambar that i can share :( dah semua gambar my face nnt menyampah pulak tengok banyak-banyak kan. hehe.

me and my family spend 4 days in krabi and 3 days in Phi phi island. Krabi is a little bit more quite compare to phuket, apart from that nothing much different. but phi phi island is really beautiful! the water is green blue color and it is so clear.. no wonder its one of the top 10 beach in the world! i spend most of my time there in the water. hujan-hujan pun berendam :D so to anyone who loves beaches just like me dont miss phi phi island in your next vacation list!

07 October 2011


The beach is so amazing at night. The air is a mixture of salt and candy making everything feel strangely calming and relaxing. The ocean at night looks so ominous and foreboding, yet extremely beautiful. As you lean off the pier you feel as if you’ll get sucked into such a sight. I felt like jumping the minute I looked into that darkness.. But i just love the windy air. The beach makes me happy! :)

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