27 April 2012

perut oh perut..

tadi pergi masjid lepas tu ada kenduri, sorang makcik ni nak pergi umrah. makanan bukan main banyak lagi. tempe goreng, daging salai, kerabu pucuk paku, ayam goreng, sambal belacan ... dan banyak lagi kuih muih. kami pun makan la dengan gembira dan banyaknya. makan free apa lagi kan (kak bad siap tapau pucuk paku tak habis, kahkahkah) alkisahnya lepas 2 jam balik rumah perut rasa lain macam. dah 4 kali pergi toilet ni, dah 2 kali vomit. how to sleep?!... mama and kak bad pn dah berapa kali ulang alik toilet. huhu. nampaknya kitrg tido dalam toilet la malam ni. im sleepy, tapi perut rasa memulas. urghhhh! dont tell me im suffering from food poisoning :'( esok banyak plan.. tlg la.. oh perut im so sorry. next time i'll be careful, ill take good care of you. i promise but please be strong this time. tskk.tskk.. tu la masa makan apa pun tak ingat. tak pandang kiri kanan dah sampai tudung terkena gulai pun tak peduli. tapi makcik tu letak apa?????!! oh dear makcik.. i dont blame you. semoga selamat pergi dan selamat kembali.. 

23 April 2012


I saw this on Facebook and  I feel like posting it here.

"They say, true friends can go on long periods of time without speaking and never question the friendship. These types of friends pick up like they just spoke yesterday, regardless of how long it has been or how far away they live, and they don’t hold grudges. They understand that life is busy, but you will always love them no matter what.."

I would love to say that this is true but sometimes this is not the case. sad but true!!

17 April 2012

They called it opposite attraction

they didn't agree on many things. 
in fact, they rarely agreed on anything. 
they fought all the time 
& they challenged each other everyday
 but in spite their differences,
they had one important thing in common. 
they were crazy about each other ♡

16 April 2012

Sushi King Bonanza

Good news to all Sushi King loyal member and to all kaki makan! the rm2 Bonanza Promotion is back again. all rice-based sushi on Kaiten Belt is only Rm2 each. you can bring along 5 friends to enjoy this fantastic offer and makan-makan! but only 45 minutes. so makan as much as you can cepat-cepat. hehe. its for sushi king card members, but you can apply for only rm10. selamat membesarkan badan. in love and light. XX

13 April 2012


hi everyone.. Im happy to say I'm finally done with my midterms! tunggu result plk. haih, i don't know. I'm not in a good mood this few days. and yesterday while waiting for my paper i went to watch battleship. alone! shhh! no one should know :P and yeah.. i don't really care about my result. sometimes i feel like quitting. hmm.. let see how it goes or maybe i can defer. I'm a little bit confused or maybe I'm just being paranoid. i don't know.. and i blame him for everything that I'm going through. and her! whoever she is! 
he did apologize, he told me he was sorry but sorry means nothing until he take full responsibility for everything. how can i trust him again. huh! wait.. am i acting melodramatic? whatever.. i still love him and i hate myself for that. and now i don't know what to do. all i can do is leave everything in God's hands... 

and i just received a text 

well at least it brighten up my day :P in love and light. XX

12 April 2012

Should I stay or should I go

honestly, I'm not sure if I should keep holding on or let go. It's stupid to hold on to something that just keep hurting you. But it's also stupid to let go of everything you've ever wanted.

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09 April 2012

Tired of Everything

im tired of crying,
im tired of yelling,
im tired of being sad,
im tired of pretending,
im tired of being alone,
im tired of being angry,
im tired of feeling crazy,
im tired of feeling stuck,
im tired of needing help,
im tired of remembering,
im tired of missing things,
im tired of being different,
im tired of missing people,
im tired of feeling worthless,
im tired of feeling empty inside,
im tired of not being able to just let go,
im tired of wishing i could start over, 
im tired of dreaming a life i will never have,
but most of all, 
I'm just tired of being tired.

08 April 2012

The love I felt

To me you were the best
You were my all
I would’ve never let you fall
But all that changed
When you went with her
I guess it was fate
Or just a mistake
But all I know is you lied
And I cant forgive and forget
You made me cry
You made me bleed
I was so shy but now im not
I’ll say what I think
And you're gonna listen
I want you to know
The love I felt was true
And the tears I cried are gone
But memories cant be forgotten
Cuz ours were the best.

03 April 2012


I'm Sorry, I Could Not Make You Happy.
I'm Sorry, I Was Not The One.
I'm Sorry, I Was Not Good Enough.
I'm Sorry, We Had So Much Fun.
I'm Sorry, You Needed, Other Women.
I'm Sorry, I Fell In Love, All Along.
I'm Sorry, I Did Not Want To Share.
I'm Sorry, To Those Others,
I Could Not Compare.
I'm Sorry, For MisUnderstanding,
Your Quite, Misleading Intention.
I'm Sorry, I Brought You To Doubt Me,
A Fact, You Did Not Hesitate, To Mention.
I'm Sorry, I Wasted, So Much Of Your Time,
To Cause, Your Change-Of-Heart.
I'm Sorry, I Felt, So Loved By You,
I Should Never, Have Allowed, To Start.
I'm Sorry, I Believed, In Us, In You,
& That, Your Heart Belonged, To Me.
I'm Sorry, For Everything, I Must Have Done,
To Suffer, The Consequences, 
So Concurrently...