25 February 2012

Loving it

I love this crazy, tragic, sometimes almost magic, awful, beautiful life.

20 February 2012

Lucky I'm in love with my best friend..

don’t mind how lame/gushy/annoying I’m about to sound but I honestly have never felt this way about a person. I’ve been with my boyfriend for 24 months now and you’d think that after so long our feelings for each other would die out but they haven’t at all. I still feel the same way  I did two years ago when we first started dating. He’s funny, cute, sexy, adorable, everything i want in a guy. He’s the kind of person that i can act completely goofy and socially unacceptable with and he’ll be right next to me doing the same thing. so many bad things are happening around me that it’s made me realize how lucky I am to have him in my life and to be in love. I know I sound stupid and cliche but I really don’t care. He’s my best friend, my boyfriend and my idea of perfection. yes we fight some times, but we always work our way through it. Sorry for all the gooey love stuff i just threw out at whoever is reading this i just needed somewhere to pour my heart out cause right now my emotions are so overwhelming... :)

06 February 2012

Fondant Cake

ingredients :
- 375g Butter
- 500g Butter cake mix flour
- 5 eggs
- White icing (fondant)
- Coloring

Method :
- Mix butter and butter cake flour at low speed
- Fold in eggs, combine well
- pour batter into cake tin and bake for 30 minutes
- remove cake from the oven and start decorating