29 May 2011


hello.. my weekend is so hectic and tiring. wedding! wedding! wedding all the way. i hate to go to a wedding, u know why? because makcik makcik will start asking when is my turn! alah letih laa nak jawab makcik ooi! my mum pun sama bukan nk tolong backup.. tolong perli lagi ada. buat sakit hati je. ingat senang ke nak cari laki zaman sekarang.. kalau sesenang nak beli baju kat forever21 tak pa la. lalu je grab lalu je grab. ini susah ok! kita kena kawan dulu tgk orang tu punya true colour macam mana.. financial pun kena stable. tak kan nak kawin dengan orang yang tak da kerja or dengan orang kerja kerajaan yang gaji rm2000 sebulan? i dont know what is wrong with our society kalau perempuan tu dah 25 and above tapi tak kahwin mula la mengelabah panggil andartu la andalusia la. apa nak susah. jodoh kan dah ditentukan. kawin, kawin la kalau tak kawin nasib la. who cares. i have a stable job, i have my own car, i have my own house.. bukan nak puji diri sendiri (tapi nak puji jugak! kalau nyampah sila berhenti baca dan jangan mimpi untuk blogwalking kat sini lagi ok?) and im very proud of myself.. at my age mungkin ramai lagi terkapai-kapai nak stablekan life masing-masing. and i dont need a man. frankly speaking kalau tak kawin pun tak pa. my mom is a single parent for 16years, i dont see why every woman NEEDS a man to live her life. lagipun buat apa kawin kalau still tergedik-gedik macam orang bujang. bila orang tanya jawab "oh its okay we're still on our honeymoon" baik tak payah kawin (siapa terasa nasib la yea) bak kata audrey hepburn "if i get married, i want to be very married".. slow-slow la kalau nak kawin. what's the rush makcik? (ey makcik! did you read my blog) tengok macam britney spears, heidi montag.. kelam kabut nak kawin pastu bercerai. contohila Kate Middleton.. walaupun semua orang panggil dia waity katie tapi dia tetap sabar :) no rushing. and at the age of 29 dia kawin jugak. not too old right? apa-apa je la makcik. jangan sibuk hal saya. pergi sibuk hal anak makcik yang dah bertahun-tahun kawin tapi tak mengandung tu.. eh mandul ke? :P

whatever.. back to the wedding. i notice that these days banyak orang kawin or bertunang theme colour mesti pastel or pink.. trend sekarang agaknya. i love it! its my favourite colour! kalau boleh biar semua pink lagi bagus dari pelamin sampai hantarn.. sedap mata memandang.. hehe. here are few pictures.

ok.. enough of the wedding. semoga kekal ke anak cucu..

now its about my facebook! my friend list is reaching 1k.. adoi. ini la bahana approve semua friend request. my facebook is meant for my family and friends. i am very connected to it. its suppose to be very personal. tapi ni tah sapa-sapa pun add. tau la saya ni glamour (glamour ke?! *dush*) kalau perasan glamour dah lama buat fan page la. hehe. nak ignore je friend request tu tak sampai hati. mana la tau niat orang memang ikhlas nak berkawan. tapi niat dan keikhlasan saya dah disalah gunakan! mereka yang berhati busuk dan tidak berperikemanusiaan mengambil kesempatan untuk stalk facebook saya! hi stalker apa la yang kau nak stalk2 page orang. lifeless betul. dari jadi pengintip alam maya baiklah mengintip in real life. alang2 nak buat jahat kan. biar berbaloi. ini ada sorang perempuan. i am very sure her account is fake. mula-mula tak perasan tapi ada one of my cousin yang perasan dia ni macam sesuatu. dah la add orang bepuluh kali orang ignore add lagi. muka tembok tak malu!!! kitorang tak kawan ngan kau la pompuan! eh perempuan ke? tak tau la perempuan ke lelaki ke pondan yang punya keja ni. the name is nadia nizarman. agaknya orang nama nadia ni keja dia memang stalk orang eh.. oops! no offence.. :)

cepat check fb masing-masing.. kalau ada perempuan ni in fren list sila remove ;)
hye "stalker" im begging, sudah-sudah la stalk saya n my family. we are living a very normal life. nothing interesting pun. kalau dah tak da keja, nak stalk sangat pergi la stalk artis ke socialite ke.. their life is much much more interesting than us.. :)

pheeww! what a long entry. hehe.. till then. in love and light! XX..


i would tell you that i loved you if i thought it really mattered. i would tell you i loved you if it could get you to stay. i would tell you that i loved you if i thought it'd bring you back to me. i would tell you that i loved you if i had the courage to say the words out loud. i would tell you that i loved you if you feel the same. but you dont feel the same..

26 May 2011

Hear Me Out

Miniskirts and skin tight jeans
We walk a road of broken dreams
And now the thrill of life has faded
It left us feeling so goddamn jaded

Hear me out, I want a fresh new start
Tear it out, get me a fresh new heart
We write our own fairy tales
Give me a blank piece of paper, and a pen
I’ll tell you just how our story’s gonna end

Fishnets, leather, it’s all so fucking tame
We spend our time looking for someone to blame
Where’s the magic that we started with
These relentless routines are our parting gift

Hear me out, I want a fresh new start
Tear it out, get me a fresh new heart
We can paint our own masterpiece
Give me an untouched canvas, and some paint
I’ll show you how our lives need a colour change

This repression is becoming too hard to bear
I really couldn’t give a shit, I don’t fucking care
Scatter your inhibitions, don’t be afraid
We may not have a plan but that’s how freedom is made

Nothing can compare to how we feel tonight
Chasing the moon across the sky, it feels so right
How can we ever go back, now, to how we were before
Never living, always giving up, but always dreaming of more

Just hear me out, I need a fresh new start
Just tear it our, get me a fresh new beating heart
We can do it, baby, lets write our own song
All I need is my love for you, and my guitar
Don’t fucking quit on me now, we have come so far

Life’s for living, I refuse to let myself drown
And I won’t go out without a fight if I’m going down
I’ve gotta escape this dead-end town…

25 May 2011

what's your flava?

when im bored and i dont know what to do.. i play with my makeup!







24 May 2011

My Sister's Keeper

"My Sister's Keeper is the story of a girl who sues her parents for a right to make her own medical decisions. Anna was conceived after her older sister was diagnosed with leukemia. She is a perfect match for her sister and spends her life in the hospital donating blood, marrow and whatever else her sister needs to live. As a teenager, she sues so that she will not have to give her sister a kidney."

If it weren't for the lousy ending I would have given this book four stars out of five. Jodi Picoult is a great story teller and knows how to keep her reader coming back for more. This book gives us a lot to think about: medical ethics, family responsibility, genetics. I hated Sara, though, I just can't fathom a mother favoring one child over the others, although I suppose there are plenty of people like her in the world. I like one of Kate's line "i don't mind my disease is killing me, but its killing my family too.." While reading this book i always imagine how do i cope if Sara is my mother.. i think i will do what Anna did. its not like i don't love my family or being selfish but its all about our own body and we are the one who have the right to control it.

but then again.. i hate the ending!

19 May 2011

Someone you used to know

It was helpless anyway
There's nothing much we could do or say
Darling don't you think it's a shame?
that it had to end this way

So here's to say goodbye,
our love is lost, and we cant figure why
maybe it really is about time
that we finally made up our minds

So Darling, here's to you
i hope that when you find someone new
that she would always be true to you
to love and understand you

Soon you'll build new memories
then slowly you'd forget about me
then i would slowly be
a distant memory

Soon i'll just be
that someone you used to know
But darling you will thank me
for letting you go
time is not for wasting
i hope you'll find your intended
But i'm sorry
that your intended isn't me

it's not an easy thing
to shake off our history
i know that's what you want from me
but they will always stay with me

i admit i made mistakes
but darling with you it's just the same
if we stay there will be more to make
i dont know how much more we can take

Darling, it would be unfair
to stay with something no longer there
its not that i no longer care
i'd feel like a burden you cannot bear

17 May 2011

To Him

i kind of miss you. not as i miss you i like you,
but i miss talking to you everyday like all day..
spilling our emotions talking about music and our problems,
everything. i just miss when we used to talk.
 now its like we don't know each other anymore and it hurts.
even though we weren't anything,
it still hurts knowing we've grown apart and it went by so quickly..

15 May 2011

Happy Birthday Baby!

dear zety.. its your second birthday! happy birthday.. before you came into my life i didn't know how it feels to have a sister (even i treat abang as my brother/sister) but its not the same! we can never enjoy doing things that we did together.. you love what i love, you are like a miniature of me.. you resemble me!

we love makeup!

camera freak!


you still have a long way to go.. i may not be there with you but no matter where you are, my prayers will always be with you. i have only known you for two years. but if you took every memories, every moment, if you stretched them end to end, they'll reach forever.. this is my wish for you

comfort on difficult days
smiles when sadness intrudes
rainbow to follow the clouds
laughter to kiss your lips
sunsets to warm you heart
hugs when spirits sag
beauty for your eyes to see
friendship to brighten your being
faith so that you can believe
confidence for when you doubt
patience to accept the truth
courage to know yourself
love to complete your life


14 May 2011

L'Oreal Malaysia Sale

it was held at park royal hotel yesterday. only one day. siapa yang kerja memang tak dapat pergi la macam my boyfriend. hehe. but i manage to get him Ralph Lauren Romance. Orang pun tak ramai sangat :) but i think the price increased a bit from last year. alaa L'Oreal you are doing clearence sale but still the price is expensive dah la few product manufacture date 2,3 years back. we have to choose very carefully.



08 May 2011


hellowww.. i have a little problem with my BB.. rosak :( the trackball is over sensitive.. i cant do anything with my BB, nak bbm pun tak boleh.. *sad* so i pun browsed the internet, googling mana tempat nak hantar repair my BB, i bought it from celcom so its still under warranty but i tak nak hantar dekat celcom sebab takut siap lambat (i cant live without my babyberry) and i found this blog POPMYBERRY, terus i pegi kedai tu walaupun jauh tapi BB punya pasal sanggup. hehe. and im amazed the shop is well organized, all accessories arranged according to the model.

dia pun nak sibuk.. cant blame her, all the casing sangat lah comel-comel!
and I'm surprise jugak with the service price.. kenapa murah :P i didn't expect its below rm100. and diorang repair cepat. tak sampai 15minit dah siap. cool kan.

My BB kena operate
so siapa-siapa yang nak repair or nak beli BB sila la drop by to POPMYBERRY :) the staff pun friendly sangat. layan je i tanya banyak-banyak soalan. Two tumbs up! now babyberry back to normal.. Bb pin please :D hehe.. in love and light. Xx..

04 May 2011

Cosmetics & Fragrance Warehouse Sale

as usual its a yearly event.. but this year the event is on weekdays.

surprisingly even on weekdays pun orang ramai sangat. i went at 11pm parking dah full and orang dah berebut-rebut.

the cosmetic counter.. how la nak menyelit???
the event start today till friday but i think most of the perfume is sold out and they will not restock it. habis-habis la and the cosmetics pun tinggal colour yang so-so.. but if you want to go tomorrow please be early if not you have to que sampai ke lobby and bring your credit card along, coz cash counter beratur sangat panjang!


the brands offered is


In love and light.. Xx :)