21 July 2012

miss you~

today is ramadhan again
today has been 10 months
but it only seems like yesterday
that you left me.

i made the promise not to leave you 
and to stay by your side.

i was just tired 
i need to close my eyes
i went to take a nap because the days just passed
i only slept a bit so i could stay at your side

when the call came to get back there
i came as fast as i could 
only to find that you had left me
to this day i regret that i left your side
because, i promised that i wouldn't leave your side.

i didn't get to say goodbye
but i did tell you i love you before i left
i miss you and i need you
i know i have to let you go 
so you could rest in peace

you're in a better place
sitting next to lord 
where you once said 
you were ready to take your place 
next to the lord in heavenly grace

you said "miss me but let me go for i have fulfilled my journey here on earth"
lord is taking you to start a new journey. 

i think of you everyday
its so hard not to cry 
i know i will be okay
because i feel you near by

rest in peace for i will see you soon
God bless me with a grandfather like you..
i miss you.. 

19 July 2012

Rainbow cake

yesterday is the most boringest day of my life. so i decided to bake rainbow cake! add some color to my life. kononnya. "keluarkan tangan bentuk pelangi macam spongebob" nak buat rainbow cake ni memerlukan tahap kesabaran yang tinggi. dah la i ada due loyang je. so kena la bake banyak-banyak kali. sampai oven pun penat tak nak menyala lampu. sabar je la. 

for the cake i used butter mix flour just add in butter and egg. senang. just divide to 6 color red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. tapi bahagikan tak sama rata so ada yang tebal ada yang nipis. hehe. 

for the buttercream.. mula-mula nak buat italian meringue buttercream. tapi tak tau kenapa tak jadi! sakitnya hati! makanya terbuang la 7 biji telur, 3 pack butter dan setengah bungkus castor sugar. nak nangis je rasa! jadi kesimpulannya buat buttercream biasa je la. lepas tu dia tak nak melekat pulak. so jadi la comot-comot mcm ni. betul-betul menguji kesabaran! 

for the design i leave it to suffian and izzati. tau apa jadi? jadi mcm kat bawah ni la. snake berlingkar keliling cake cuba mendaki mendapatkan telur-telurnya di atas.. errr?

18 July 2012


Let's see who will win this time. His lies or my loyalty..

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11 July 2012

NOSE Warehouse sale

NOSE Warehouse Sale
Wisma RSH
Lot 691, Jalan Lagoon Selatan
Off Jalan Kewajipan
47500 Subang Jaya

went there today, it was okay not so many crowd compared to charles and keith warehouse sale. or maybe i went there early in the morning, arrived there around 9.45am. the price is so cheap. flat is only rm 10, most of the shoes is rm20 from boots to heels to wedges. so worth it! manage to grab 4 pair of shoes. and the handbag price range is around rm 10 - rm 50. all accessories is rm 10. worth to go! 

10 July 2012


hello ;) how are you? lamanya x update blog. macam malas la pulak sekarang. poor abandoned blog! i haven't forgotten about you. hari-hari fikir nak update, tapi xtau nak update apa. heee. lame! i have a new hobby now. tennis! don't be surprised i know I'm not a sports person. hehe. but ayman bought a complete tennis set for me, siap hire coach lagi. hmm.. i think dia pun dah menyampah tengok my body. tskk..tskk.. yeah he told me all the time. so nak tak nak kena la main. tapi bila dah try best la pulak. i pulak yang sibuk ajak dia main hari-hari :P 

jaga-jaga wahai lemak sekalian.. burn baby burn! 

our emo coach

weee! terror x :P 


look at him, bila penat senyum pun tak nak. 

jadinya, saya dah terror sekarang? ayman cakap macam maria sharapova. ehemm.. ada siapa-siapa nak main? hehe.. berangan! padahal bola asik tak kena. 

ok la people.. thats all for now :) in love and light. xx.. 

02 July 2012


my exam result is out.. and i passed all the papers. horrayyy! proud of myself :P i was so worried that i might fail my account and finance paper. Alhamdulillah it was ok. sedih sikit sebab berangan nak dapat dean's list first sem. but ayman cakap ok la asalkan above 3 pointer. so now nak kena register subject for next sem plk but i still tak tau nak amik major apa, finance ke hr ke marketing ke islamic banking ke? rasa macam nak ambik general tapi malas nak tulis thesis. hehe. idea2.

July treating me good so far. please stay like this eh :) and i cant wait for ramadan to come. sebenarnya tak sabar nak raya. and thn start second sem.. this time nak buat betul-betul. promise :D