03 November 2011

My Birthday Wishlist..

My birthday is coming! Still thinking how to celebrate it.. Excited!! :) i'll turn 26 this year.. alamak tuanya saya! but who cares age is just a number *ayat sedapkan hati* :P i got nothing better to do, im sleepy but i dont want to sleep so i make a wishlist for my birthday! yeay! actually all i want for this coming birthday is THAT, only THAT.. oh you knew IT, im not going to tell you.. go figure out yourself. hehe. anyway.. here's the list..
*drum roll!!!*

  1. Wallet - trust me i havent change my wallet more than 2 years! sadisnya.. yeah but its true. button kat wallet tu pun dah macam longgar-longgar sikit and the warranty pun dah habis. kalau nak kena tukar sendiri, better get a new one la! sedih! sob..sob..
  2. Blackberry TORCH 2 - i need a new BB, i gave my Babyberry to Akmar :( sad.. but she needs a bb, everyone mesti ada BB nowdays. no exception. *once u go black you'll never go back* cewah promote pulak kat sini. yeah i gave it to akmar so senang dia nak bercinta with haris. haha.. (hye marmar hye haris. i know u guys are reading this) so i have no BB now and i need a new one. torch to be exact sebab dah boring pakai bold.. even ramai suggest bold 4. hmm..
  3. MacBook - tak tau untuk apa saja suka-suka nak :)
  4. iPad - pun tak tau untuk apa tapi rasa macam nak..
  5. pitbull concert ticket. muahahaha.. :P
ok dah merepek.. jom tido.. in love and light.. XX.. Zzzzzzzzzz...

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