10 November 2011

Kardashian Kollection

so everyone is talking about the kardashian kollection bag now.. about how they steal other brands design.. here's some of the comparison is you haven't see it yet..

I don't see it as stealing the idea. I think they are paying a tribute to other brands such as Chloe, Alexander Wang, YSL and the rest. The bags is inspired by those brands. What's the matter? Only because they are the Kardashians? Last week i saw the same leopard print design at guess. Which is inspired by Hermes. Apparently no one talks about it..

Everyone close to me knows how I'm dying for that balenciaga motorcycle but i can't afford it. Kardashian Kollection came out with the same design for only $100.00, now i can afford it.. :D they are doing good deeds. For someone like me, for anyone like us who don't have enough money to buy those designer brands. now we can have a similar bag with an affordable price. Thanks to the Kardashians.. (but sadly it's not in Malaysia yet)

When Ralph Lauren had an interview with Oprah, Oprah asked him "how do you keep reinventing?". Guess what he said.. He said
"You copy.. Forty-five years of copying, that's why I'm here."

So what do you think? I'm team Kardashian of course.. as always :)
In love and light. XX.

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