26 November 2011

Black Friday & Birthday

Yesterday is black Friday and it's shopping day! macam biasa, when Christmas is coming you can see fragrance promotion everywhere.. and yesterday bila tengah jalan-jalan with my brother tiba-tiba ternampak mariah carey lollipop splash the remix perfume. the cute bottle caught my eye!

and when i smell it, OH MY.. so sweet.. rasa macam nak makan je! ada 3 choice you can choose, inseparable, never forget you and vision of love. i choose vision of love. the sweetest among all three. one bottle is rm155 but if you buy all three it's only rm 450 :)

And yesterday jugak birthday my brother si mokmok and my maid kak bad :) It's his 18th birthday.. besar dah my darling.. happy birthday to a wonderful brother and a good friend.. love you always! jangan notty-notty.. jangan 24/7 dengan blackberry tu :) wishing you happiness always..

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