12 July 2011

My new hair colour

i had a new hair colour!! my brother said i look like jessica alba.. +1 haha! my boyfriend said tak cantik! :'(
but I LOVE it! I’ve never had hair this blonde before! I honestly have to get used to it. tak biasa. hehe. but im kinda scared of what my mother might say. God save me.

but dont worry i'll get it right before raya :D it will last for couple of months only. i just wanted to try something new.. but blonde for me, hmm.. as you can see.. its a big no!! but why not try something different.. bak kata orang break out from your comfort zone. hehe. i wanted to try this since kim kardashian blonde her hair last year, tapi tak berani :P

Kim with her blonde hair
but yesterday tiba-tiba rasa nak try.. so tadaaa!! what do you think :)

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