01 July 2011

Hello July

its crazy how fast June went by.. and now its July.. sebulan je lagi nak puasa! weeee! cant wait cant wait! baju raya dah tempah kawan-kawan? hehe.. saya dah :P this year colour is yellow, purple, pink and black.. :D but i havent ganti my puasa yet.. :( malasnyaaaaaa! will start next week. phew. and guess what i put on weight! 48kg! extra fat why dont you find your way to my boobs and bums. haha! so my goal for july adalah untuk mengurangkan berat badan! and today last i makan cheese cake for this month! last! i'll start diet and excercise. maybe join my boyfriend with his new hobby, cycling :)

so happy july everyone! in love and light. Xx.

i start my July with this :)

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