22 July 2011

Chelsea! Chelsea!

a picture worth a thousand words! so you all tengok la gambar-gambar chelsea asia tour 2011 ni! im running out of words! happy!! mula-mula ingat tak dapat tengok sebab my boyfriend tak nak. tau-tau dia dah ada ticket. suka tau buat surprise. hehe.. thank you so much! i love you!

our ticket

training pass on the 19th

makan ice cream dl.. super hot!

dapat bolaaa!! thx mikel!

Malaysia vs Chelsea.. dua-dua pun sayang. hehe.

booo arsenal! he's a chelsea fan from now on :P
Omg! my baby Lampard!!
Nampak tak jersey number 8 tu.. hehe.
Lampard lagi!!!

go lampard!
g minum air dulu ye baby, penat ye..

jimmy shanley beside us  :)
we are the blues
ini red turns blue.. hehe.. jangan buang jersey tu syg! mahal i beli.. love u lots!
with my lepard. haha!

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