10 July 2011


hello people.. hows your weekend? i spend my weekend in port dickson. running from all the chaos in kl. as you know.. most of the road in city centre was closed and lots of roadblocks due to bersih 2.0 rally. dont blame  the rally, dont blame the government either.. everything's already written up there, stop complaining :) all we can do is learn from it, run from it if it cause a lot of trouble for you. and dont mess with the authorities! thats what i do.. run from the chaos, go to somewhere beautiful and have fun! arrived in pd on friday afternoon and just get home this evening :) 

the place was beautiful.. 

 my marshmallow had a great time.. 

my jelly bean had a great time..

kak bad enjoying herself.. no household works to handle.

and my sayang had a great time too.. i guess. even though he keeps complaining that he's tired. hehe. 

as for me, as long as they are around.. im happy :)

but we miss mama, of course.. :( she's in JB, busy with her theater performance..  

do you think that im a selfish citizen? call me anything but my family and my safety is more important.. but i hope in the future i have the courage to stay here in KL, in good times and in bad times.. i love you KL, i do.. I love you Malaysia :) i wish years to come you are still my lovely and peacefully Malaysia.. salam 1 Malaysia.. :D 

in love and light.. XX 

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