06 January 2011

Wives V Girlfriends..

I had never read Katie Agnew books before. Wives v Girlfriends is the first. So glad i did! The plot has everything you want from a girly girl chick lit. So glitz and glamour with a heart.

-Jasmine who hides behind her pretty face thought she found her prince charming but later on realise that the man that she marries are in actual fact a devil of it’s own kind. On the surface, she seems to have it all but in actual fact, there are secret still something lurking around her. It’s matter of time before it will be made known public.

-Lila, a famous star with a philandering husband finally have to accept that her husband would not be back to her and it is up to her to finally find herself back.

-A popular journalist, Grace who is involved with a married man struggle to find the true meaning of love.

- Maxine, dreams of a happily ever after live and chasing the wrong man who never put rings on her finger.

Each character has their own story. All i have to say is I really enjoyed this book.

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