24 January 2011

Sonu Niigaam 1 Malaysia Live In Concert

me and ayman went to sonu niigaam concert last Saturday.. even though he didn't know who is sonu niigaam but still nak teman kan i jugak.. so sweet isn't it. i know :P tak pa la syg i teman you tgk golf lagi boring tau x. hehe.

we bought the ticket few months back.. the concert supposed to be on 14th of december 2010 but they postponed it to 22nd of January 2011. His mother is not feeling well if I'm not mistaken. i am so disappointed sebab dah semangat2 nak tengok tapi rescheduled pulak. I'm not his big fan but i do love his music. i called the organizer asking for a refund but they promised to upgrade our ticket from rm300 to rm500.. so we get a rm500 ticket! its worth the wait right.

the ticket
bila hari yang dinanti-nantikan telah tiba.. i went to sunway lagoon punya la awal. pukul 5.00pm dah sampai ok. haha! semangat. siap pegi beli camera baru lagi. nanti nak amik gambar sonu niigaam :D

so i bought sony nex3, nothing much about this camera. its huge! i still prefer canon s90 or s95. but run out of stock. i have to wait after chinese new year. lama gila! tak sabar nak tgg ok. they said the nex3 is much more better than s95. tapi i tgk sama je. hehe. oh yes it has two lenses and a flash. dah mcm dslr. leceh betul.. lagi memberatkan my handbag! if i bring a clutch mmg lgsg x muat la. tapi tak pa la. ayman fall in love with it already, what to do.

here's some of the pic taken with my new camera :)

the gate opens at 6.30 pm.. but we queued at 7.00pm until 8.00pm! punya ramai orang and nak kena tgg sunway staff pakai kan tag kat tangan lagi.. dah la panas. ayman dah membebel-bebel. we arrived at surf beach at 8 something just to find out that they still doing sound check! grrr! sabar je la. lama pulak tu diorang buat sound check. after that.. comes the mc miss gina. she's thr dj rasanya. potpet2 punya lama.. huhu. after that ada few performance from local artiste.. tapi sorry i tak kenal..

here's the pakcik singing few hindi songs.

after that ada anwar.. he won malaysia dance india dance competition and represent malaysia in mumbai.

but! tengah2 dia menari the background music suddenly stop.. haih. poor guy. malu je.

lepas tu ada lagi performance buy a group called go kart apa ntah.. they sang bhangra, fun la jugak.

punya lama tunggu sonu niigaam tak kluar2 lagi.. finally, 10.45pm baru dia keluar.. :) the crowd started to scream.. ada bunyi heli at the background, so ingat dia turun ngn heli la.. bunyi je rupanya.. huhu. he started with the song syukran Allah from the movie kurbaan.

his voice is so breathtaking.. and he is funny as well. i enjoyed the concert although it started pretty late. and this man knows how to interact with his audience, its just that he talk a lot in hindi.. sorry bhai mere boyfriend samajh nahi aata.. par koi baat nahi we still enjoy your show.

receiving the Brandlaureate Awards..

what Shah Rukh Khan means for bollywood film, sonu niigaam means the same for the music industry. overall it was a brilliant performance and i had a fantastic time!

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