18 January 2011

Short trip..

My mum memang crazzzzyyy! tengah-tengah dia sibuk edit script tiba-tiba dia jerit.."tension! let's go somewhere! penang ke.." so me and my siblings plus our staff pun kelam kabut la balik packing barang for our penang trip. Bikinis, check, sunblock, check, hot pants, check, pario, check, flip flop, check! we are ready for penang!

tapi tiba-tiba bila sampai dekat ipoh she suddenly changed her mind! "eh, kalau pergi hatyai pun best jugak kan" omg! mama!!! tapi memang best jugak. terus terbayang, mee hoon thailand yang sedap tu plus pulut durian plus mangga and asam! slurrrp! alamak! tapi kitorang semua bawak beach attire je. huhu. and masa tu dah pukul 9.. oh we only have few more hours before border ttp. apa lagi fast and furious la. almost 1 am we safely arrived in hatyai! sampai-sampai check in trus pergi meronda and makan-makan. poor my baby sister zety, she's so tired.. tak sempat balik bilik dia dah lena dulu. the next two days is all about shopping! and makan! oh yes we almost forget about our work :)


welcome to floating market

an evening in hatyai

and now i understand that no matter how we plan our life, life always have plans for us.. so just go with the flow! :D

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