18 May 2012

So its the end of our first semester

time flies. i still remember the time when i was waiting for the opening of our first semester. I'd been longing for entering University and start my new busy life. and maybe the old saying is right "be careful with what you wish for".. its been a hectic semester, especially the last two weeks. glad its finally over. time to ditch all my books :P 

this is the pictures of our last day.. and yes, u can see me wearing tudung bawal. its part of our marketing plan presentation. cantik tak? kalau nak beli boleh beli kat sini  BAWALOVERS haha.. tak habis2 buat marketing ni.. (yatie commission please :D)  

 and its holiday time! but of course ill miss the girls ;)

in love and light. XX


  1. Tahniah, akhirnya habis sem :) goodluck on ur nex sem :) work smart aite - haris