21 May 2012

Dear God..

Please watch over us tonight. thanks for the blessed day. i pray for my family, my mum, my brother, my sister. everyone. drama free, stress free and financially stable. i hope you remind us everything will be okay. especially for my friends and dearest ones who are fighting through so much every single day. please give them strength & guide them through the darkness point of their lives. special prayer to my friend 'akmar', please make her strong enough to deal with what you put on her and never let her give up. help her to always have hope and faith in you. for all who are fighting an illness, heartbreaks, financial issues, abuse etc as well. and for myself, i just pray to always come to you in times of help and even when I'm happy. i just hope for the best for everyone. thank you God.

Goodnight, I love you..

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