24 May 2011

My Sister's Keeper

"My Sister's Keeper is the story of a girl who sues her parents for a right to make her own medical decisions. Anna was conceived after her older sister was diagnosed with leukemia. She is a perfect match for her sister and spends her life in the hospital donating blood, marrow and whatever else her sister needs to live. As a teenager, she sues so that she will not have to give her sister a kidney."

If it weren't for the lousy ending I would have given this book four stars out of five. Jodi Picoult is a great story teller and knows how to keep her reader coming back for more. This book gives us a lot to think about: medical ethics, family responsibility, genetics. I hated Sara, though, I just can't fathom a mother favoring one child over the others, although I suppose there are plenty of people like her in the world. I like one of Kate's line "i don't mind my disease is killing me, but its killing my family too.." While reading this book i always imagine how do i cope if Sara is my mother.. i think i will do what Anna did. its not like i don't love my family or being selfish but its all about our own body and we are the one who have the right to control it.

but then again.. i hate the ending!

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