08 May 2011


hellowww.. i have a little problem with my BB.. rosak :( the trackball is over sensitive.. i cant do anything with my BB, nak bbm pun tak boleh.. *sad* so i pun browsed the internet, googling mana tempat nak hantar repair my BB, i bought it from celcom so its still under warranty but i tak nak hantar dekat celcom sebab takut siap lambat (i cant live without my babyberry) and i found this blog POPMYBERRY, terus i pegi kedai tu walaupun jauh tapi BB punya pasal sanggup. hehe. and im amazed the shop is well organized, all accessories arranged according to the model.

dia pun nak sibuk.. cant blame her, all the casing sangat lah comel-comel!
and I'm surprise jugak with the service price.. kenapa murah :P i didn't expect its below rm100. and diorang repair cepat. tak sampai 15minit dah siap. cool kan.

My BB kena operate
so siapa-siapa yang nak repair or nak beli BB sila la drop by to POPMYBERRY :) the staff pun friendly sangat. layan je i tanya banyak-banyak soalan. Two tumbs up! now babyberry back to normal.. Bb pin please :D hehe.. in love and light. Xx..

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