26 May 2011

Hear Me Out

Miniskirts and skin tight jeans
We walk a road of broken dreams
And now the thrill of life has faded
It left us feeling so goddamn jaded

Hear me out, I want a fresh new start
Tear it out, get me a fresh new heart
We write our own fairy tales
Give me a blank piece of paper, and a pen
I’ll tell you just how our story’s gonna end

Fishnets, leather, it’s all so fucking tame
We spend our time looking for someone to blame
Where’s the magic that we started with
These relentless routines are our parting gift

Hear me out, I want a fresh new start
Tear it out, get me a fresh new heart
We can paint our own masterpiece
Give me an untouched canvas, and some paint
I’ll show you how our lives need a colour change

This repression is becoming too hard to bear
I really couldn’t give a shit, I don’t fucking care
Scatter your inhibitions, don’t be afraid
We may not have a plan but that’s how freedom is made

Nothing can compare to how we feel tonight
Chasing the moon across the sky, it feels so right
How can we ever go back, now, to how we were before
Never living, always giving up, but always dreaming of more

Just hear me out, I need a fresh new start
Just tear it our, get me a fresh new beating heart
We can do it, baby, lets write our own song
All I need is my love for you, and my guitar
Don’t fucking quit on me now, we have come so far

Life’s for living, I refuse to let myself drown
And I won’t go out without a fight if I’m going down
I’ve gotta escape this dead-end town…

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