15 May 2011

Happy Birthday Baby!

dear zety.. its your second birthday! happy birthday.. before you came into my life i didn't know how it feels to have a sister (even i treat abang as my brother/sister) but its not the same! we can never enjoy doing things that we did together.. you love what i love, you are like a miniature of me.. you resemble me!

we love makeup!

camera freak!


you still have a long way to go.. i may not be there with you but no matter where you are, my prayers will always be with you. i have only known you for two years. but if you took every memories, every moment, if you stretched them end to end, they'll reach forever.. this is my wish for you

comfort on difficult days
smiles when sadness intrudes
rainbow to follow the clouds
laughter to kiss your lips
sunsets to warm you heart
hugs when spirits sag
beauty for your eyes to see
friendship to brighten your being
faith so that you can believe
confidence for when you doubt
patience to accept the truth
courage to know yourself
love to complete your life


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