29 March 2011

Nobody's Baby But Mine

i'll give a very quick review coz im so lazy to type right now. hehe. This book is wonderful. First Dr. Jane Darlington ( who is a genius and a scientist ) pretends to be a prostitute in order to sleep with football player, Cal Bonner and have his baby. She does this because she doesn't want her child to be a genius like her ( because she had a hard time growing up being smarter than everyone else and she doesn't want that for her child ) and she got the mistaken impression that Cal Bonner is as dumb as a post. She gets pregnant, than Cal finds out who she is and that she's pregnant and insists that they get married. He says that they can get divorced later. A lot of very funny things happen as they get to know each other after they get married. and finally they fall in love! happy ending :) The book made me grin, giggle and get a little teary-eyed.  In other words, it delivered the way romances should.


  1. whoaa. macam best jur! na kena beli nehh.

  2. u pun suka baca novel ke babe? best citer ni. sweet sgt.. :)