17 March 2011

The Last Song

Ronnie and her brother Jonah are sent to North Carolina to spend the summer with their father, Steve. Steve left his prestigious position at Julliard to pursue his dream of being a concert pianist. His time away put a strain on his family and eventually ended his marriage. Ronnie never forgave her father for ruining their family. In fact, she hasn't spoken to him in three years. She's livid that her mother is forcing her to do this. As soon as she sets foot in her father's house, she's determined to plan her return back to New York. As soon as she enters her father's house, she puts distance between them by spending her first night away from his home. It's on this night that she first meets Will followed by Blaze. It's this night that will change her summer.

that's how the story goes. the last song is also a movie starring miley cyrus but i haven't seen it yet. if I'm not mistaken sparks wrote the screenplay before he wrote the novel. and miley cyrus herself choose the name ronnie for her character and she wants to enhance her carrier with a movie similar to a walk to remember. i have enjoyed all nicholas sparks books including this one. however i think this book is basically for the younger generation or miley "hannah montana" cyrus fans. not the best from Nicholas Sparks.

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