06 March 2011

MAC Wonder Woman

MAC Cosmetics new collection is here. its called Wonder Woman. nothing much to write coz i didn't grow up watching wonder woman and the collection didn't really caught my eyes. everything comes in a jumbo pack especially the lipgloss. its like so huge! the colour is so blah not our day use makeup. like come on blue and purple mascara? but i really love the mineralize skinfinish. you can transform it from a blusher to a bronzer. and its only RM 145.00, cheaper than the normal bronzer and i bought it :) not my favourite collection after all. can't wait for the next collection. anyway, just go and take a look. mac fans will adore the packaging.. in love and light. XX.

me with the wonder woman.. makes me wonder why she's so tall!

GOLDEN LARIAT mineralize skinfinish

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