02 October 2010

Who's Victoria? What is her Secret?

Ok actually I don't know who is Victoria and what is her secret. Whenever someone mention Victoria's Secret i automatically think of Heidi Klum. She's been with Victoria's Secret like forever (13 years to be exact). Since im introduced to Victoria's Secret by my friend Yong, Heidi Klum is already an amazing Victoria's Secret Angel. So for me Heidi Klum is Victoria. And now finally she is leaving Victoria' Secret, she'll no longer be Victoria's Secret Angel. We'll never see Heidi Klum as a showstopper on Victoria's Secret ramp. But no worries, she still have her own clothing line! Hopefully we can still watch her on the runway (even she's not wearing a hot lingerie :p) So good bye Victoria.. Good luck in everything you do. Hope life treats you well. You'll always be my favourite angel.. XX..

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