29 October 2010

I want to spend my lifetime loving you..

dear sayang.. Don't know why lately post kat my blog semua pasal cintan cintun.. tapi tak pa la. Coz I know no one reads it except you :D Baby you're leaving..! sedihnya.. selalunya i yang tinggalkan you. now you tinggal i pulak.. lama pulak tu! i hate you! how i wish i can go.. dah la summer kat aussie. nanti mesti you duduk tepi beach tengok  ladies in bikinis staring at their boobies and bums! eeeew! tapi tak pa coz i send afiq as a bodyguard! ingat i bayar ticket dia for free? haha! mati i kalau dia baca :p (afiq if you read this im just kidding, i really want you to go to ease your mind)

im gonna miss you sayang!! dalam hati ( good i have a lot of plan! huahaha!) tak da la kidding. i promise i'll be a good girl. lagi pun i have to babysit adik and zety. grrrrr! bosannya! hmm jap.. why im telling you this way.. dalam blog, not in a personal letter? apa-apa je la. ok continue.. when we're apart i hope we miss each other. at least we can spend our time on our own kan. macam lagu az yet tu "everybody needs a little time away  i've heard her say, from each other.. even lovers need a holiday far away, from each other.." lalala i dah tak ingat sangat.  Nanti tak jumpa hari-hari so tak gaduh hari-hari. penat tau tak you cari gaduh dengan i hari-hari!  pastu you tak payah datang pujuk i hari-hari :) banyaknya hari-hari.. huhu (im not promoting pusat pakaian hari-hari)

sayang! napa lately ni kita suka gaduh. benci tau tak. you suka bagi i marah. pas tu bila i marah i cakap macam-macam. pastu you pulak marah :( you know i don't mean everything i said masa gaduh..

i love you. i want to spend the rest of my life with you :) macam dalam gambar ni.. hehe.. i know i curi from your fb :P

first pic, we met. hoho! "i remember what you wore on our first day, you came into my life and i thought hey, you know, this could be something" :D tapi dalam gambar tu that guy botak. you're not, you're hot. (suka la tu) dulu la.. 9 months ago.. hehe.

second pic, graduation day! errrk! tapi i dah grad. huhu.. (i know, i know im older) dah nak reput pun my degree tu. but i'll definitely be there on your graduation day ok.

third pic, wedding day! nampak tak bride tu pakai dress and veil from Vera Wang. the groom pulak pakai tux from armani. hehe. macam kita nanti :p can't wait to get married. sayang kawin ngan i kan?

forth pic, baby!! errr.. baby? baby? make sure zety dah sekolah la baru ada baby k. nanti cane babad nak jaga baby ramai-ramai. huhu. you tu dah la tkr pampers and wash poopoop pun malas. nyampah! 

fifth pic, we go holiday one whole family! tapi pic tu pegi masa winter with the shawl, snow cap suma. you know i cant stand the cold. so kita pegi masa summer la eh. haha! klakar :P

sixth pic, our baby dah jadi big girl now! pegi college. but i want her to study in harvard. mintak-mintak la dia pandai macam i. bukan malas nak study macam you and her uncle darling. huhu.

the last one.. we grow old together! happily ever after..  ♡ ♥

this is how i plan. but if things didn't turn out as plan, we have to accept it. no matter what happen you'll always be my sayang :) we do have good times together aight? :) i pray to God that you'll always here with me, by my side.. (serious ok i prayed last night!) love you sayang, much! much! muax..


  1. bila masa u pray syg.. tak nmpk pun sejadah. hehehe :p

  2. take care syg.. promise ull be good girll. :) love u always..