27 September 2010

Who says It's too much makeup?

Lots of people say wearing to much makeup can make you looks like Ronald Mcdonald or you're just hiding the real you behind the mask (it's time to stop all the negatives stereotypes) I know i wear too much makeup but i just can't help myself. I love makeup and how the 27 different chemicals looks on me :) Don't get me wrong, i love myself and i think i'm beautiful even without makeup. Just because i put on lots of makeup doesn't mean that i hate myself or the way i am naturally. It enhance what i already have. I love being able to transform my style just by adding some red lipstick or smoky eyes. It makes you look versatile. In my opinion, its just another way to express yourself and portray what you feel at that time. I think our face is like canvas that overall can relay a very strong message to others.

For now i leave you with the quote from Tyra Banks "I love the confidence that makeup gives me".. ;) in love and light.. XX

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