17 October 2010

Travel in style with Louis Vuitton

Went to The Gardens last night, planned to buy Monogram Palermo PM from the new Louis Vuitton store but something went wrong, totally wrong. I guess i just have to wait till next year since Budget 2011 has been announced on friday. Unless you live under the rock, you should know that the government has proposed that all duty import on 300 goods will be abolished and the good news is its including LV!!! So excited! ok the bad news is food tax will be increase.. I smell homemade food. hehe. ok back to the main story. Louis Vuitton Trunks and Toys exhibiton were held there, i can only took a glimpse of it.. All the antique trunks and toys brought here from Louis Vuitton museum in Asnières, Paris. How i wish i can take everything home.. LVOE IT!

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