10 October 2011

My Vacation Recap

hi semua! :D miss me? hehe.. this is some of the picture that i manage to take on my vacation last week.. going through all the pictures, i realize that instead of beautiful scenery of krabi & phi phi island, my camera is fully loaded with the picture of myself! @_@ haih.. next time i'll remind myself to take the picture of the place, bukan camwhoring. so tak banyak la gambar that i can share :( dah semua gambar my face nnt menyampah pulak tengok banyak-banyak kan. hehe.

me and my family spend 4 days in krabi and 3 days in Phi phi island. Krabi is a little bit more quite compare to phuket, apart from that nothing much different. but phi phi island is really beautiful! the water is green blue color and it is so clear.. no wonder its one of the top 10 beach in the world! i spend most of my time there in the water. hujan-hujan pun berendam :D so to anyone who loves beaches just like me dont miss phi phi island in your next vacation list!

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