13 April 2012


hi everyone.. Im happy to say I'm finally done with my midterms! tunggu result plk. haih, i don't know. I'm not in a good mood this few days. and yesterday while waiting for my paper i went to watch battleship. alone! shhh! no one should know :P and yeah.. i don't really care about my result. sometimes i feel like quitting. hmm.. let see how it goes or maybe i can defer. I'm a little bit confused or maybe I'm just being paranoid. i don't know.. and i blame him for everything that I'm going through. and her! whoever she is! 
he did apologize, he told me he was sorry but sorry means nothing until he take full responsibility for everything. how can i trust him again. huh! wait.. am i acting melodramatic? whatever.. i still love him and i hate myself for that. and now i don't know what to do. all i can do is leave everything in God's hands... 

and i just received a text 

well at least it brighten up my day :P in love and light. XX

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