03 April 2012


I'm Sorry, I Could Not Make You Happy.
I'm Sorry, I Was Not The One.
I'm Sorry, I Was Not Good Enough.
I'm Sorry, We Had So Much Fun.
I'm Sorry, You Needed, Other Women.
I'm Sorry, I Fell In Love, All Along.
I'm Sorry, I Did Not Want To Share.
I'm Sorry, To Those Others,
I Could Not Compare.
I'm Sorry, For MisUnderstanding,
Your Quite, Misleading Intention.
I'm Sorry, I Brought You To Doubt Me,
A Fact, You Did Not Hesitate, To Mention.
I'm Sorry, I Wasted, So Much Of Your Time,
To Cause, Your Change-Of-Heart.
I'm Sorry, I Felt, So Loved By You,
I Should Never, Have Allowed, To Start.
I'm Sorry, I Believed, In Us, In You,
& That, Your Heart Belonged, To Me.
I'm Sorry, For Everything, I Must Have Done,
To Suffer, The Consequences, 
So Concurrently...

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