11 December 2011

Tutti Frutti What?

trust me when i said i never tried tutti frutti before this.. but i am so in love with ice room. setiap hari mesti nak makan ice room. so when i told my cousin that im addicted to ice room (is it the right word? addicted?) she said that i should try tutti frutti. It tastes 10 times better than ice room. tapi i said i don't like yogurt. i hate milk (dan apa2 yang seangkatan dengannya, yucks!) she convinced me semua ice cream kat situ tak rasa susu langsung. so i trusted her. and for the first time eveerrrrrrr saya pun melangkah ke tutti frutti dengan harapan setinggi gunung..

i love the DIY concept.. choose the cup size, choose the flavor (u can mix it), choose the toping (the best part!), weigh and pay! :)

muka masam sebab i asked her to pose, dia dah tak sabar nak pilih ice cream

i choose red valvet and chocolate

looks yummy? tapi bila rasa.. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... thanks for the topping! i habis kan the topping and threw the ice cream.. one word, dissapointing.

but maybe i choose the wrong flavor. so the next day i gave it another try. ( i wonder why different outlet have different flavor?) i choose cookies and cream. but sorry to said, it taste the same :( you know when you put too much expectation on something. sakit hati! dah la mahal. how ironic.. ayman suka plak, hingga menjilat sudu. haih. not for me la this froyo froyo. poyo!

i'll stick with yummylicous ice room!

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