15 December 2011

New phone..

Hello! I'm so happy today!! I got a new iPhone 4. Remember I said zety baling my phone sampai pecah the screen.. So tadi I went to maxis sebab nak hantar repair screen tu and my home button pun dah nazak. Lucky me my warranty expire tomorrow! That means dah sethn la I pakai phone ni. Pheww.. Time flies so fast. Ok back to the story. I was just trying my luck. Tak expect pun diorang accept nak repair sebab siapa suruh baling?! Pfft! so me and my mum with muka seposen mengadap la cina customer service tu. Tiba2 he said ok I give you a new one. Haa Kau. Tekejut kitorang. Kat situ jugak cuit menciut. Haha. Jakun! Seriously I don't remember maxis mentioning replacing a new iPhone if the old one rosak. Happy! Happy! So i got a new iPhone la skrg. Yang tak bestnya nak install balik satu2 application tu la azab! And one more thing maxis, celcom, digi and semua telco (apa lg telco Kat Malaysia ni) I guess will launch the new iPhone 4s on Friday. Tapi tomorrow night start at 9pm celcom dah start buat sale at la bodega bsc. Maxis pulak dkt klcc. Tapi maxis by invitation only.. I'm so excited to meet Siri! Ok la people. Bed is calling. Nite! In love and light. Xx.

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