05 August 2011

Latest Recipe

so i went to berbuka puasa with ayman just now.. after 5th day of ramadhan this is the first time we get a chance to berbuka together. and we choose latest recipe @ le meridien. this is the second time me and ayman makan kat situ. i love the foods, especially the dessert banyak sangat choice and their fruit tart. yummy! 10 biji pun tak cukup. hehe. you can choose from indian to japanese, italianese, kampung dishes dan macam-macam lagi.

me and the ketupat.. sama tak?

the price is rm 138++ per head.. but bila dah sampai sana jangan lupa check in foursquare and you'll get 10% off!! weee!! best kan? hehe..

bila perut dah terlalu kenyang, senyum pun tak ikhlas. hehe.. and now i feel so sleepy. zzzzzzzzzz.
in love and light..XX.


  1. Aaaaa, bestnya. Banyak choice!

  2. Eja: mmg banyak smpi x terasa semua. :)

    Syg: dim sum kat ac pn ada. Heha!