12 June 2011


They say, the past is the past, but it’s not like you won’t ever look back. There will always be that one day when you decide to look back at the good times you’ve had and maybe even the bad times. They tell you to forget your past and let it all go, but really the past is pretty important, including all of the crap that was brought into it. Without making mistakes, having regrets, being negative, losing the few people here and there. without any of that, you wouldn’t learn how to accept the changes in life you are going to face all the time, you wouldn’t realize who are the people that actually matter to you. Sometimes you have to be negative to knock some positivity into your life. Sometimes you’re going to have to make a mistake after another after another, to finally figure out what you need to do. Sometimes people are meant to have broken hearts and broken relationships, for you to have a chance to fight back for what you want or to see if there really was something between you and that significant other. We have to remember the past. Why? Well, because the past is what made you who you are today.

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