25 June 2011

FJ Benjamin Warehouse Sale

i justttt came back from this warehouse sale happening in Park Royal Hotel KL. Very-very disappointed this time :( im looking for bras but La Senza only clearing the most non-fashionable undies and bra ever. but the price is cheap 5 undies for rm30. as for the guess jeans only left big size maybe i went there a bit late but lucky me because there is not so much crowd as i expected. guess bags selling for rm120 each, rm200 for two! crazy sale! the watch also very cheap price range from rm200-1000. i like :) for clothes there is a lot of choices but the quality. hmm, so-so.. but what do you expect it is a warehouse sale. you still have time to go tomorrow if you want to but satisfaction unguaranteed :p


  1. ape kata next time ada warehouse sale ko ajak aku skali? heheh

  2. Hairan la si sofia ni, aku pergi sana nampak guess jeans semua size kecil tapi dia pulak kata tinggal size besar... Eh Sofia, u x beli sebab u punya size lebih daripade 27 kan? cos yang aku nampak, size 25-26 yang bangyak skali...