07 April 2011

Why can't Ex's be friend?

i dont see anything wrong for ex's to be friend. me and my ex are still friends and I don't see how I could not be friends with him. just because the relationship didnt work out it doesn't mean that it has to end there. there are some people that make better friends then partners. my ex contohnya.. he's a very good man but sometimes people change. feelings change. it doesnt mean that love once shared wasnt true and real. it simply just mean that sometimes when people grow they grow apart. he will always remain as my friend.. if there's something bothering me or i had any problems i always turn to him and i love the fact that he's always there.

its just that my boyfriend is getting on my nerves. selalu jealous tak pasal-pasal. i tak pernah pun jealous pasal dia and his ex's.. i dont know how many ex's dia ada. I don't have many ex's as I tend to choose my relationships carefully.  maybe he has a lot of ex's sebab dia pakai sebat je apa yang ada. pfft! i dont mind if he wants to be friends with his ex's as long as they didn't mess with me. but i dont like one of his ex.. i bukan tak suka saja-saja.. i have my own reason. she stalk me on facebook suruh pulak kawan-kawan sedara mara add me and stalk me. satu kampung agaknya dia suruh. ran her mouth about me. like come on you didnt even know me and u have the nerve to talk about me.. wtf! that's why i dont like her. and of course i had to do a lil' revenge. revenge is sweet, always sweet and its a must remember. if dia duduk senyap2 tak kacau i tak apa la. ini tidak. if she dont mess with me i pun tak da masa nak ambik tau pasal dia. yeah i know its creepy. mula-mula stalk kat fb lama-lama stalk in real life pulak. i bukan jealous tak nak bagi my boyfriend kawan dengan dia. my boyfriend sendiri yang tak nak, kalau ex pyscho macam tu siapa yang tak takut. never mind.. let's not talk about her anymore. God bless her. Amin.

back to the main point. poor guy my ex :( been deleted from my facebook plus kena block lagi.. im posting this on my blog coz im sure no one will understand the situation im going through :( i just pray and hope that my boyfriend will realize that i love him, no one else but him. no one can take his place not even my ex..


  1. hihi.. funny but i agree. you know what i think trend la now days people stalk their ex or their ex new gf on fb - kimmy

  2. ayooo amoi register la.. why are u using anonymous. hehe. what kind of trend. i dont understand girls, breakup je u have to go and stalk is it? whats the point? memalukan lagi ada la. if you cant save ur love at least save ur pride :)