11 April 2011

Bruno Mars Live in KL

Bruno Mars rocked PWTC last night and it was awesome! i bought the ticket one month earlier and the ticket sold out in 3 days! lucky i grab it fast.

the ticket
as usual i went with my booboo..

the opening act is by our very own Mizz Nina. she's so cute and guess what her hot hunk fiance Noh Hujan is standing right in front of me!

we have to wait about 45 minutes of sound check anddd *drum rollllllll!!!* 
Bruno Mars came out to the stage and started banging on the drums. woaaaaaa! he then kick off with all his songs from his album such as lazy song, count on me, grenade, just the way you are, marry you..

it lasted for about one hour and we just cant get enough of him. it was a money well spent :) to everyone who miss it this time dont worry coz he promised that he'll come back pretty soon. of course he'll come back he love the crowd here, he even blurted out "aku cinta padamu" :D

p/s: the picture quality is not good at all. it is because im using my phone as camera is not allowed.

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