26 February 2011

saints v. sinners

The LaFata family have it all – obscene wealth, talent, good fortune and beautiful genes. Or at least they used to…until the head of the family, Giancarlo ‘Fatty’ La Fata, vanishes over the side of his yacht one night and disappears into the dark Riviera night. His widow (and fourth wife) Jade, his son, Carlo Jr, and daughters, Francesca and Angelica, are left awash in a sea of heartbreak and confusion. Did Fatty fall, or was he pushed? But this question only leads to more – for around a strong man, are even stronger women. Mothers, daughters, lovers, wives and sisters – Fatty has left a web of women who all have their own secrets. When one of these women steps forward to clean up the mess Fatty left behind she will meet the drug dealers and illegal gamblers that lurk behind the glamour of the French Riviera, she will risk her heart as well as her life.

so that is the synopsis which i copy paste straight from the back cover :) its a very interesting novel and i cant put it down. the plot was gripping and a lot of colourful character, my heart fell for Francesca LaFata and i cant stop crying when it comes to her story. how she had to managed her baby brother and sister, her children, cold as stone husband and a lost father. very-very hot storyline, unexpected ending and i just cant get enough of Katie Agnew!

trust me i even lied to my bf that I'm not feeling well, the truth is i don't want to go out because i am glued to this book. wallah! :)

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